How about trying something unfamiliar and new for your next holiday or the odd long weekends? Let us explore what gems and exciting discoveries await in the beautiful state of Terengganu, particularly the quaint little village of Pasir Raja. Located upstream of Sungai Dungun, Pasir Raja is a traditional Malay village life where things are kept simple and everyday life is devoid of the maddening pace of modernity. A wholesome family adventure is something everyone can look forward to experience on our 2D/1N Pasir Raja Homestay Package.

Let’s face it, folks, most kids born and bred in the cities like Kuala Lumpur, may not have had the pleasure of walking barefoot and wading in a river or hearing the cackling of a cockerel in the early hours of the morning. Many of us may have even forgotten the simple act of just sitting on a veranda surrounded by deafening silence. Busy parents are more likely to buy fast food or microwave ready-made dishes directly from the fridge. And the young ones are probably transfixed on the flat screens, whether it’s their mobile phones or the TVs.

Pasir Raja Homestay is located in a village that is quite beautiful and lovely, with some houses located near the sandy riverbank. If serenity is what you seek, nothing is better than some quiet moments watching the lazy flow of Sungai Dungun. Nighttime can be quite an experience for city folks who are used to the noise.

This 2D/1N Pasir Raja Homestay Family Package is for 2 adults and 2 children (below 12). It includes accommodation in a local family home and four home-cooked meals (lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and breakfast). It is a free and easy experience and it is highly recommended that visitors make for the river for a quick dip or just take a leisurely stroll around the village. The locals are well known for their hospitality so don’t be surprised if you get invited into their homes for coffee. And if you are really fortunate, coffee may even come with delicious traditional ‘kuih’ or snacks.

The family package comes with optional activities that are suitable for small groups. For a fee, you and your kids get the chance to go rafting down the river with newly made raft. There is also the cheaper option of taking a boat but where is the fun in that! Another option is to go on a short trek to a nearby waterfall for an afternoon of just chilling in cool water and splashing around for no reason than just for fun. A more laid-back activity for you and the children is to watch a demo on how they produce a local delicacy called ‘emping’. You get to try it out yourself, of course.


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Pasir Raja, Terengganu

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