About Tetamoo

Tetamoo.com is all about enticing you to step out of your comfort zone and make yourself at home in the homes of the locals and in an environment that is both new and exciting. It’s all about our intuition that you may just find yourself discovering that you really do like experiencing the real local lifestyle and living it even for just a few hours or days. Be locals, we say, wherever your go!

Explore the places where the locals go!

What’s the point of travelling thousands of miles to a foreign land only to be comforted by the big neon signs of fast food joints you can find in your town? Tetamoo.com wants you to step out of the comfortable yet impersonal hotel rooms and step into authentic local experiences and places where the locals await. It’s time for you to get a taste of the real life of real people in a land far away from everything familiar.

There is so much more to look forward to when you decide to throw caution to the wind and discover what makes a place or destination truly unique and special. We know that your experience will so much more meaningful when you let yourself be a part of a local community, a member of an adopted family through our homestay offerings.


We are excited about building our own homestay communities which offer their own unique lifestyle, culture, local cuisine and accompanying activities that are designed to make your time them something that you can hardly replicate anywhere else. We also can’t wait to hear all about your experience with our homestay hosts, the stories that you would have heard from the elders in the family and how you would have lived the local traditions instead of just watching them from afar.

Get off the beaten track, we are often told. Our homestay experiences are easily accessible and in places that are safe especially since you will be cared for just like another member of the host family. You better get comfortable with being pampered and looked after by the rest of the local communities, each one eager to ensure that your stay will bring you many happy memories.

An online booking platform for travellers!

We look forward to the day when Tetamoo.com will be the choice meeting point for travellers, local hosts and homestay families. A place where they can connect and grow a community that is committed to promote the perseverance of the local way of life and culture through experiential travel.

Our local and homestay hosts come from diverse background. Some are farmers, fishermen, teachers, pensioners, government workers and even professionals such as doctors and engineers. What they have in common is their willingness to open the door to their homes, lifestyle and culture to travellers from all over the world. Their guests shall be enriched through time spent with the host families learning and finding common interests that would bind them even closer.

Tetamoo.com offers our local and homestay hosts the opportunity to share what they have to offer to travellers who embrace everything new and unfamiliar. We are here to facilitate a wonderfully unique way of connecting strangers to create new friendships.