Tetamoo Team

Tetamoo.com is part of the DLOOP EMPEIRIA Sdn Bhd’s family of travel-related services. The team is made up of dedicated players who believe that the spirit of sharing is the best foundation for any successful enterprise especially in the people-centric hospitality industry. We look at the whole travel experience as one continuous ‘loop’ of activities and tasks which begins as soon as you, our traveller, dream of embarking on a trip.


Hanim Shukor
Hanim has made her passion for travel both a professional and personal endevaour. Her travel bug started at an early age and has continued with her exploring all that is familiar and unfamiliar in her home country of Malaysia and much of Asia.
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Nawawi Husin
After spending much of his working years in the banking industry, Nawawi finds himself on the brink of an exciting career in the tourism industry. He looks forward to utilize his finance background to propel Tetamoo’s global expansion.
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Ahmad Hafiz Kamal
Marketing Director
Hafiz is a man with a big of PR tricks. With his gregarious and friendly personality, he is Tetamoo’s spokesperson and all-around PR guy. Hafiz’s background in business development would give Tetamoo’s growth that bit of that extra bite.
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John Chan Weng Fatt
Project Advisor
John is a dynamic, innovative and highly energetic business and training consultant with a proven ability to identify and capitalize on business opportunities. He also has more than 35 years experience in the travel industry. We have a gem in John!
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Andrew Wong
Andrew's passionate about entrepreneurship and his MAD Incubator. He loves working with entrepreneurs and love watching them succeed in their businesses. Forever grateful for his belief in what we do from the very early stage!
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AJ Zackery
Lead Writer
Don't be fooled by AJ's quiet demeanor. He's been travelling and writing for many years for international publications such as Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor. AJ is now back in Malaysia to create some havoc with us! Bring it on, AJ.
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Azman Karib Ibrahim
Azman is quite the enthusiast when it comes to photography. He makes it a point to get to know his subjects before taking their pictures. Huge interest in people portraiture and street photography. Blessed to have Azman as part of Tetamoo team!
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Sarah Ariffin
Social Media Strategist
Sarah is quite the social butterfly, offline and online. With years of experience in marketing, she's cut her mettle as a social media strategist with stints in several top agencies in Malaysia. She's now indulging in her love for travelling and baking.
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